Internet Advertising for Military Jewelry

— Internet Advertising for Air Force Military Jewelry —

How to make a press or news release perform like advertising.

Most people do not understand that online, a press or news release is exactly the same as an advertorial or an advertising message because it can not be found except by ‘search.’ If you are lucky enough to get online newspaper coverage of your news release, it suffers the same fate as the paper version, meaning you get to see it today and tomorrow it is in the bottom of a birdcage. The message needs ‘legs’ or a greater visibility but no matter how informative, you must consider it advertising. Here is an example.

For Immediate Release:
Lakewood, Colorado USA July 28th, 2014

United Casting Company Supports Air Force Veterans rehabilitation and re-training.

United Casting Company in Lakewood, Colorado announces the eligibility for all US Air Force Wounded Warriors and disabled veterans to its Veterans Jewelry Apprentice Program.

Air Force Officers Ring

Solid sterling silver Officers Ring

Randy Rudd is a disabled combat veteran, owner and Master Jeweler at United Casting Company, a Lakewood, Colorado custom jewelry store with a special interest in providing military graduation jewelry. The Air Force BMT graduation ring is made of the finest US produced solid sterling silver available. “A portion of all our jewelry sales help support our Veterans Jewelry Apprentice Program”, said Rudd. “There is a special bond between shared military experience that creates a comfortable learning and re-training environment in our apprenticeship program.” Rudd further stated, “we teach not only fine jewelry making but also computer CAD drawing, sales, marketing and advertising for small business development.”

About United Casting Company, Inc
United Casting Company designs and manufactures it’s own jewelry at our store in Lakewood Colorado and we are a licensed manufacture for the United States Marine Corps along with other military and civilian jewelry, we specialize in custom and military graduation jewelry.

United Casting Company, Inc.
897 S. Kipling Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226


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Gun Advertising for Personal Defense

Jack Reacher review
.40 S&W Defense Pistols

Because of its popularity and wide acceptance, the .40 S&W is destined to become one of the great cartridges. For the most part, anything a 9mm can do, a .40 S&W can do better. If a manufacturer has a 9mm handgun in its product line, it is very likely that there is a .40 S&W counterpart. Many police departments, who switched from the .38/.357 double-action revolver to the 9mm pistol, are now rearming with the .40 pistol.

Six full-size .40 S&W pistols in the $600 to $800 range. They are the Smith & Wesson 4006, the Glock 22, the Walther P99, the Beretta Model 96, the Heckler & Koch USP40 and the Sig Sauer P229.

Concealed carry aside, full-size models do everything better than their smaller counterparts. They have full-length grips that provide a larger gripping surface and easier control. Their longer barrels give better bullet performance. Their longer sighting radius affords better accuracy.

Smith & Wesson Model 4006
Introduced in 1990, the Smith & Wesson Model 4006 was the first .40 S&W pistol. So, it set the standard for all other .40 S&Ws. This handgun’s major components, including the frame, are constructed of stainless steel. It features a traditional double-action trigger, a 4-inch barrel and a 10-round magazine. Suggested retail price of this model is $758.

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Murder Trial Jury = cha-ching

A long standing joke about jury duty attributed to Norm Crosby.

“When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.”

It now seems to get picked to serve on a high profile murder case is similar to winning the lotto. Television appearances and book deals are available to those who seek their 15 minutes. Careers are enhanced or extended for commentators who otherwise are usually ignored. The advertising companies for the crime show discussions are rarely noticed by the audiences due to the accepted we have to “take a short break”. Under the guise of daily “breaking news bombshells” the television audience sits entranced on the trial coverage. These are the reality television shows replacing early TV soap operas that can go on for months.

The television stations direct viewers to their online outlets for updates and “insider” information about the trial and participants while serving Television ads first and serving online advertisements from their Internet platforms and we the public, hardly even notice who is trying to make money from the current “reality” tragedy.

Hacks like Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan and Dr. Drew moderate their call-in shows and offer opinions based on their backgrounds i.e Grace as a former prosecutor, Dr. Drew with Psychology etc. What allegedly did the accused do, and why? How much conflict between guests can be generated to keep the audience watching? Its all about the money.

If there is even a sniff of a juror attempting to write a tell-all book the media virtually cannibalizes itself in an attempt to discredit the fiduciary opportunity for the juror, while the mere reporting of the juror’s interest in capitalizing on their own personal experiences, is the very lifeblood of the organization’s bottom line.

It seems as if the only ones eligible to “make a buck” on these horrendous crimes and trials are the people covering the trials under the cover of reporting the news, commentators, and the television stations and their Internet counterparts using the tragedy as an advertising tool. In short, everybody makes money except the juror who was actually involved. See books by Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell

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Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising: Technology companies in their surge to out-perform rival technology competitors, have invested millions to billions of advertising dollars in creating apps and devices for connectivity, and the consumers are eating it up. While Google, Microsoft and Amazon go head-to-head for tablet sales, apps and music or text downloads, there seems to be some important missing information. There is only one Internet. It does not matter if you are connecting with a desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone, ipad, glasses, game-pad, toaster or wristwatch, they are all connecting to just one Internet. Third party vendors are competing online to provide apps and downloads. From the consumer standpoint, how best to disseminate comparative product ads? How will you find them? Seek sound business advice from the leading global Internet Advertising Technologist – Richard Wise. 303-265-1649

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Longisland Internet Advertising is “Digital Marketing Technology”

The initial promise of the Internet was a level digital playing field. It was designed, from a commercial aspect, to provide an opportunity for the small guy to compete right alongside the big guy. That ship has sailed. The idea that all “I have to do is be on the Internet” is exactly correct if you have no competitors, however if your business is competitive what will it take for your company Website to “muscle” its way to the top of your Internet category? “IT” is the answer but it’s not “information technology” rather instead “Internet technology.”

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Internet Advertising for small business

Internet advertising revenues to all time high of $17 billion in the first half of 2012 reported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, up 14 percent from similar time frame from last year.

“The tremendous growth of mobile advertising revenue over the past year is an indication of the importance of location to advertisers and mobility to consumers,” said David Silverman, a partner at PwC US. “Bringing the power of the internet to mobile devices has opened up a world of possibilities to both consumers and marketers.”

“Solid double-digit growth in a stagnating economy is a significant accomplishment,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “There is evidence that CPMs are maintaining, and even increasing, further substantiating the vitality of the internet ad market.”

The importance of “local” advertising and branding for advertisers to reach and interact with their local customer base is an important focus for New York Internet advertising company Velocity NY.

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Advertising: FBI Arrests Democratic Trenton Mayor, Others in Corruption Probe

The discussion of Internet advertising calls into question the ‘bias’ of the organization presenting the ad. To find corruption in government, even in New Jersey, is nothing new however, the non-inclusion of the political party in this entire story demonstrates the authors wish not to harm the ‘party’. Our story headline has been altered to reflect the change. Should the advertisers consider (in this case, on this day Ramada Inn) the implied endorsement of the intent of the author and the news organization? See for yourself…

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Facebook Advertising Scheme?

The Facebook IPO is going to make a great deal of money for everyone except you. Advertisers will keep spending Ad dollars just because of the cumulative “eye balls” not because they actually sold anything as a result of a Facebook Ad. This is very hard to articulate but I have found perhaps the best thoughts with regard to advertisers and the Facebook IPO. Please read page 1. Go to …

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Internet Marketing, Advertising and Online Privacy

Advertising and Online Privacy

The do-not-call-list absurdity meant the default setting for phone marketers was “its OK to call everybody.” Persons had to request telephone marketers NOT to call with whatever advertising message they were hired to give. Why was this so completely backward? Why wasn’t there simply an op-in list of persons and households who wanted to be called and solicited for a variety of products and or causes? Of course, the answer is, that list would be very small. Think of all the “phone banks” and the highly educated (reading the “canned” script) telephone representatives forced to find other jobs. Perhaps to the friendly ranks of the DMV.

Now comes online privacy and its impact on advertising.

Marketing / advertising has always been about “targeting.” How does the marketing message reach the exact audience with the strongest potential for making a buying or “action” decision? When Callaway sponsors a show on the television Golf channel it knows a majority of viewers will be golfers and as such, interested in the Callaway line of products. This is an example of “direct targeting” as opposed to a Super Bowl commercial where the audience is certainly greater, but with huge divergence in interests. The Super Bowl commercials are the best example of “throw it on the wall and see what sticks.” Of these two advertising opportunities, I believe Callaway to be better off by directing its efforts to an audience it knows is interested–this is “laser targeting,” and it dosen’t cost $3million for a 30 second commercial.

Selling your personal information:
The search engines want to sell your search viewing habits and internet research topics with marketers for delivery of “Targeted Messages.” They evidently cannot generate enough revenue through their “targeted” search advertising business models. Many privacy pundits cringe at sour taste that monetizing web search statistics and viewer search habits leave in their mouths, but offer no reasonable solutions.

Government trying to get into policing technology should scare the entire Internet viewing community. While many members of Congress have the latest and fastest computers on their desks, their secretaries are the ones who have to read, and then print the emails for the member. There doesn’t seem to any politician that really knows how the Internet works.

On Thursday 2-23-2012 President Obama said, “American consumers can’t wait any longer for clear rules of the road that ensure their personal information is safe online.” A group of 36 state attorneys general sent a letter to Google on Wednesday with concerns about the search giant’s plans to begin sharing users’ personal information across Google products on March 1 without giving consumers an opt-in option.

In reference to “Do-not-track” buttons located in major Internet Browsers “It rings hollow to call their ability to exit the Google products ecosystem a ‘choice’ in an Internet economy where the clear majority of all Internet users use – and frequently rely on – at least one Google product on a regular basis,” the National Association of Attorneys General said in the letter.

Instead of forcing consumers to locate and activate the do-not-track feature (which can be ignored by advertisers) why not make the default Browser settings information-non-collectable, and a special button for “yes, do whatever you want with my personal information? In the event the search giants are able to deflect this reasonable and simple step as being too costly it should be mentioned Google reported revenues of $10.58 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2011. Or how about conducting your search business with a search engine who will NOT collect, sell or share your personal information with anyone? For those of you that thought “no such animal” exists, let me reasure you one does. Its name is

I have no relationship or stake in any fashion to

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Internet Advertising and Privacy

A little known search engine with the unlikely name of is proving to be the go-to information portal for many Internet users concerned with personal privacy. Protecting your computers IP address or eliminating “tracking” of your personal web searches, seems at first glance, to be an assumed natural right of usage. However, the big three (Google, Bing and Yahoo) “track” web searches for marketing and advertising purposes and, they say, “to better serve our visitors.” DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is the complete extent of the privacy policy of

Common ways to navigate the Internet is by using search engines. Search engines have and use the ability to track each one of your searches. They can record your IP address, the search terms you used, the time of your search, and other information.  You should closely review your search engine’s privacy policy.

The U.S. Supreme Court largely has taken a hands-off approach to regulating the Internet and online privacy in favor of free speech.  However, the federal government is increasingly interested in regulating the Internet, i.e. child pornography and gambling laws.  Enforcement might be an important thing to keep in mind when relying on the law to protect you. When a U.S. law is broken in another country, prosecuting the criminal may prove difficult or impossible.

DuckDuckGo makes money in a couple of ways.  First, we have some minimal advertising on search results pages with providers that work within our privacy principles, i.e. no targeting or sharing IP addresses to serve ads.  The other way we make money is via affiliate sales, e.g. Amazon and eBay.  This affiliate model also doesn’t share personal information.

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